Monday, February 1, 2010

Greyhound Car Auction In Calgary What Car Seat Is Best To Take On Greyhound For A 14 Month Old?

What car seat is best to take on greyhound for a 14 month old? - greyhound car auction in calgary

When our daughter was about 14 months, a Greyhound bus to visit friends and family will visit me anyway, I wonder what would be the safest car seat to take .... I drive from all ...

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Jules said...

I take my son in the Greyhound and do not have a car seat while the bus must be BC in the front seat, I think. and the journey is so long that made him sit with me and her face and everything on the toilet, etc.. then to lie to myself or on a chair so that he is comfortable with his head in the lap of a car seat to carry him to sit down under the bus, he slips into the trunk, where the top, where the cushion and rests on the handle and pull someone at the station's life a lot easier to be single lil thing still asleep when you get the chance to make

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